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A Washington, DC policy and marketplace consulting firm specializing in assisting its clients through the significant health policy and marketplace change afoot.

Clients include health insurance companies, HMOs, Blue Cross plans, hospitals and physician groups.


Robert Laszewski
Washington Post Wonkblog "Pundit of the Year"
"No one has a greater knowledge of the Washington health policy scene than Bob Laszewski --- political, economic, social, and straight merit dimensions. Bob also has uncanny forecasting powers... and he calls the shots exactly as he sees them, unusual for Washington." - John McLaughlin, The McLaughlin Group
"I have known no one with a better grasp of what's going on in Washington than Bob Laszewski---and no one who is more fair, honest, and less partisan." - C. Everett Koop, M.D. Former Surgeon General

Robert Laszewski speaks widely on the topic of health care policy and market change. He was awarded a "Top 5 Speaker" award on the health care topic from 

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The Washington Post's Wonkblog "Pundit of the Year"

Contact Information:
      Phone:      (703) 727-9517
      Mail:         Health Policy and Strategy Associates, LLC    
                        400 Madison St., 605
                        Alexandria, Virginia 22314